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B.Sc Agriculture

B.Sc. Agriculture has its prime focus on agriculture and is taught in a manner that provides a comprehensive and practical study of sciences related to agriculture.

INTRODUCTION: B.Sc. Agriculture like other sciences is a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. The curriculum of B.Sc. Agriculture is very deep and far-reaching that comprises teaching from agricultural economics to animal husbandry. The agricultural courses demand practical, hands on experience. The modern combination of science, engineering and agriculture allows aspirants to practice the skills of agriculture with a critically scientific view, use the concepts for the all-inclusive production of agriculture, development of modern crop and perform various alterations which are related to agrarian economy and its production.

COURSE: The topics and concepts discussed and taught are Agronomy, Agricultural Microbiology, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Agricultural Economics, Extension Education, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Soil Science, Food technology, Soil Microbiology, Food Microbiology, Food Safety and Standards, Animal Husbandry. Apart from supporting courses in Basic Sciences, Humanities and Agricultural Engineering. The program further renders aspirants knowledge through theoretical and conceptual class work, projects, presentations, and field and lab practicals. Throughout the four years duration of the course, students are made able in the varied aspect of agriculture, thus enriching all kind of career prospects for themselves.

CRITERIA: The minimum qualification for entry to B.Sc. Agriculture is intermediate in Science (with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and/or Mathematics) or intermediate in Agriculture stream (limited states). It also requires an entrance test.

OPPORTUNITY: B.Sc. Agriculture program is a thorough study across the field of agriculture and contributes in the overall growth and development of the country. There are numerous research and advanced scholarships and other opportunities for students related to higher studies in the field of B.Sc. Agriculture such as Master of Agriculture (M. Sc. Agriculture) and research. The field of agriculture is one of the ever-producing fields as we are an agrarian economy country and the demand of professionals increase every year in big government and private sector.

DURATION: The B.Sc. Agriculture degree in India is typically a 4-year course under credit-based semester system.

INTERNSHIP: The program also includes a compulsory one semester Internship (Rural agricultural work experience).

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